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AC Electrical is an independent supplier of heating supplies and appliances, serving businesses and organisations across the north west of England. We provide unrivalled customer support and speedy delivery.

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Our range of heating appliances and equipment includes convection, fan, quartz, storage and wall heaters, heated handwashing products, heat trace tape, oil-filled radiators and warm air curtains.  The brands we sell include ….     

We supply high-quality, portable and fixed heating appliances, suitable for providing comfortable working conditions in both industrial and commercial premises, as well as solutions for maintaining pipe temperatures and to provide warm water for handwashing. As an independent supplier, we can source products from anywhere, including seldom requested items and parts for obsolete machinery. What’s more, being local, we can deliver them to you quickly.

Need help finding the right product?

If you need assistance in finding the right heating appliances and equipment for your organisation, one of our expert team will be happy to discuss your needs and explain the options.


Our Heating Products

At AC Electrical, we pride ourselves on being your local partner knowing the products you use and what it’s used for, the parts you need and where to source them and how important it is to get them to you quickly to avoid disruption.

Below are just some of the heating products that we stock, although we don’t have everything listed on our website please get in touch and we will help you to secure the products you need for your project.

Get in touch and let AC Electrical help you with your next project

With over 50 years’ combined experience in the industry and an extensive range of products, AC Electrical can supply you with the equipment you need – and quickly. Whether you need help with your next project or urgently need a replacement part, we have the solution. Please get in touch to speak to one of our expert team.