About AC Electrical Supplies

Established in 2013, AC Electrical Supplies, is a Chorley based, specialist, industrial electrical wholesaler, supplying essential parts to businesses and organisations across the north west of England.

Our mission

Our mission is to enhance our customers’ businesses and organisations by providing a truly exceptional customer experience. We do this by putting your needs, wants and requirements at the heart of our operations and by treating your company as we would our own.

From your initial contact onwards, we’ll treat you with respect, get to know your company and work in partnership with you to ensure you benefit from your relationship with us. For many of our customers, we have become an integral part of their business. We are confident we can fulfil that role for you, too. 

Benefitting from our independence

As a proudly independent supplier, we can provide many benefits to our customers.

As we are not tied to, incentivised by or have hidden agendas with particular manufacturers, we have the freedom to source the parts you need from anywhere and anyone. This helps us find the exact parts you want and get them to you when you need them.

Being independent also means we are not constrained by agreements with manufacturers. This gives us the flexibility to operate outside normal industry parameters and provide services that are customised around the bespoke needs of your organisation.

Specialist services

What makes AC Electrical unique is that we are specialists at what we do. As a small but highly experienced team, we work to bring exclusive benefits to our customers.

Those that partner with us see value in our exceptional levels of support and know they can rely on us to supply multiple manufacturer’s products that ‘do the job’, including parts for obsolete machinery. They also appreciate the respectful and empathetic way we operate and our dedication to putting their needs first, such as, in an emergency, getting the product to them ‘now’, rather than ‘as soon as can be arranged.’  

Get in touch and allow AC Electrical help you with your next project

With over 50 years’ combined experience in the industry and an extensive range of products, AC Electrical can supply you with the equipment you need – and quickly. Whether you need help with your next project or urgently need a replacement part, we have the solution. Please get in touch to speak to one of our expert team.